About HR9 Hairloss. HR9 is a powerful and effective scientifically proven technique which increases blood circulation to the scalp and adds nutrients to the hair. Making it thicker, stronger, and longer. HR9 Hair regrowth for men and women. With continued use of HR9 your hair becomes healthier, stronger and will even regrow.

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Properties of Clinically Proven
Anti Hair-Loss Ingredients

2 Super Peptides

Contains Acetyl Tetrapeptide -3 and Palmitoyl Tripeptide -5. Which stimulate the extra and matrix proteins that promote hair anchoring and increase follicle thickness

Biochanine A

Isoflavone found in red clover which directly acts on DHT and effectively inhibits the activity of 5-a-Reductase enzyme type 1. Activity modulates chronic inflammation and Isoflavone is a powerful antioxidant.


A biomimetic peptide which stimulates melanin and decreases the number of white synthesis and low pigmented hair while increasing the number of moderate and highly pigmented cells on the hair bulb


Epilobium Fleischeri Extract

Promotes sebum regulation (reduces DHT), shrinking pores and reducing oily appearance on the scalp, and is a powerful anti-inflammatory

Arctium Lappa Root Extract

A traditional medicinal herb in European and Chinese medicine for blood purifying and scalp treatment

Linum Alpinum
Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract

Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, soothing and calming extract

Urtica Dioica (Nettle) Extract

Ancient medicinal herb for scalp treatment that improves hair condition

Panax Ginseng Root Extract

A famous traditional Chinese medicinal herb which promotes blood circulation and boosts the metabolism of the scalp

Artemisia Umbelliformis Extract

Powerful anti-oxidant and free radical scavenging, Anti-inflammatory, Antimicrobial

Algae Extract

Inhibits the transformation of testosterone to DHT (Dihydrotestosterone)

Trifolium Pratense

Extract – powerful inhibitor of 5a-reductase enzyme

Zingiber Officinale (Ginger)
Root Extract

An ancient traditional Chinese and Western medicinal herb with more than 80 active ingredients which promotes blood circulation and boosts the metabolism of the scalp

Scalp Activator

The Scalp Activator gently removes the dead skin cell layer of the scalp, opening blocked or clogged pores and cleansing the scalp of any products or pollution which could inhibit the effectiveness of HR9.

Studies show that the Scalp Activator supports cell regeneration and thickens the healthy skin layer of the scalp. The Activator increases the scalp capacity to absorb the hair regenerating active ingredients of HR9. It also increases blood circulation within the scalp which is essential for hair regrowth. The Scalp Activator prepares your scalp for the application of our Hair Activator.

Increases blood circulation
in the scalp

The gentle peeling process accelerates blood circulation at the surface of the scalp which increases the supply of nutrition to the hair.

Removes DHT from the scalp

By exfoliating (peeling) the Cornea layer & the upper part of the epidermis, DHT will be removed from the scalp (DHT is present in sebum).

Increases cell reproduction
& growth

The gentle peeling process creates fast cell rejuvenation, increases cell reproduction and enhances natural growth factors that promotes hair growth.


Synergistic complex action

Thanks to the cleansing action of the Scalp Activator, the nutrients, vitamins and hair regrowth stimulating active ingredients in the Hair Activator can be better absorbed. Studies show the Hair Activator neutralizes the effects of the hair-loss caused by the DHT hormone; then it gets to work strengthening hair anchoring, decreasing white and low pigmented hair and encouraging new hair growth.

HR9 Hair Activator Key ingredients

  • Unique Formula
  • Nine special plant extracts vitamins and minerals
  • Red clover extract rich with Biochanin A
  • Biomimetic peptide 4 amino acids

Scalp Mesotherapy


Step3: The Roller stimulates blood circulation and improves absorption of active ingredients. Run the Roller in a criss-cross motion over the treated area between 10-12 minutes.

Leave on the products for 4 hours. It is recommended to follow the treatment by washing your hair with Argan Intensive Roots Strengthening Shampoo.