Are there any side effects?

Based on all our studies and since the system was launched in 2014 there haven’t been any reported side effects or any irritation.

What are the major differences between the HR9 and its competitors?

There are several differences starting with the fact that HR9 is a hormone free products and its major active ingredients are from natural sources. In addition, the new hair will be thicker and longer comparing to most of the competitors. Our system does not go to the blood stream, there is no need for prescription and it works the same for men and women

When can I expect visible results?

Visible results vary between 45-90 days

How often do I need to do the treatment?

This is the beauty, you don’t need to do the treatment on a daily basis but only twice a week

What happens if I stop using the system?

This is another major difference between our system and most competitors. In most cases when one stops using the competitor treatment, the new hair will fail quite fast. When you stop using the HR9 the new hair is like any other existing hair on your head, meaning, the falling procedure is similar to the rest of your hair.
You can make some breaks from time to time up to 2-3 weeks and go back to the treatment, however it is not recommend to pause during the first three months.

Do I have to use the system forever?

This really depends on several circumstances, like: what are the reasons you are losing hair. If the reasons are genetic, we recommend to use the system for at least 8 months twice a week as indicated, and after that you can reduce the treatment to 4 times per month meaning once a week.

Does it work also on women?

Yes, absolutely, some women tend to suffer from hair thinning and or hair loss because of pregnancy and others at the menopause period or after that. We have tremendous success in both cases. We recommend to consult with your physician if you are pregnant before using the system. However after pregnancy we don’t see any problem, this is just a precaution step we always take.

If I am not losing hair but I have a thin hair and my hair doesn’t grow as long as it used to be, can I use the system and expect for better results?

Absolutely yes, the HR9 not only helps to promote hair regrowth but the existing hair will become thicker and grow longer in most of the cases.

I have been losing hair for almost 10 years by now, will HR9 help?

This is something not many people know, follicles never die, they become blocked and or dormant. This is exactly the purpose of our system, meaning to revitalize the follicles. However we have to keep in mind the % of dormant hair to regrow got lower by the years. We have excellent results within the first five years and after that the % slowly goes down. At the same time we always take into consideration the environment we live and the diets we consume.

If I lost hair because of stress can I expect my hair to grow again by using the HR9?

The answer is mostly yes, however you have to take into consideration the period of time you have been losing hair, and what are the psychological conditions you are living with. There will be an amelioration but can’t guarantee the maximum results. We have to keep in mind the hair loss is caused by many reasons, not only genetic, but by using some medicines, environment, lack of minerals and so on. For best results it is important to keep in mind as many reasons as possible that can cause hair loss. Our system is one of the best systems in the market today but we can’t take all the credit, we always recommend to consult with nutritionist.

Do you have a refund (money back guarantee) policy?

Yes we do. If you have been using the system as instructed and have done a before and after pictures and didn’t see any results, please send the empty package and you will receive your money back, please read our policy in our website.

For how long the kit will last and how much product should I use each time?

Unfortunately we can’t answer a simple answer here for several reasons starting with, what is the area you are losing hair, our recommendation is to use the products and the treatment in the area you are losing hair and overlap a bit with the area you hair is still growing regularly.; second we recommend 2 cc as average of the serum and 2 cc of the peeling in each use , therefore the product should last for about 3 months at the max, however the average is 2.5-3 months or 24- 20 treatments.

Do you recommend the use of a special shampoos and conditioner?

This is a very good question. One of the reasons that accelerate the process of hair loss is actually caused by cosmetic residues from shampoos, creams, gels and so on, these products block the pores in the scalp and eventually accelerate the hair loss process. HR9 carries a special shampoo, the Argan Intensive Root Strengthening Shampoo and the Ceramide Strengthening Conditioner, both products make sure that no cosmeceutical residues will remain on the scalp and at the same time will make sure the existing hair and the new hair will become stronger.

Can I colour my hair while doing the treatments?

The answer is yes, however make sure you properly wash your hair with our HR9 shampoo and conditioner, in addition we strongly recommend to use the HR9 mask as well.

Can I expose my hair to the sun?

Yes, however we recommend to take precaution, the sun can be harmful without any connection to our treatment.

I swim very often, and the water in the pool contain chemicals, can it affect the treatment?

Again, as long as you use our shampoos and conditioners including the mask, we don’t see any reason to stop swimming including in pools containing chlorine.

Do you have any reward policy?

Yes we do, from time to time we ship free products when customers send their before and after pictures or videos and we receive your permission to use the pictures or the video.

How does the procedure done?

This is the beauty of the system, it is a simple three step procedure only twice a week.
Step 1: apply a few drops on the desired areas overlapping a bit outside the desired area, and with your fingers massage the area.
Step 2: apply a few drops of the serum in the same way immediately after step 1.
Step 3: take the derma roller and massage the whole are where you pored step 1 and 2 in a criss cross motion for about 10 minutes and leave the product for four hours or just sleep with the product overnight and wash your hair after.
Please check out our website and watch the video and read the directions properly. You always can contact the company for any question you may have.